Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in supplying earth observation, land cover and environmental spatial analysis data to governments, companies and NGO’s around the world, in a manner that makes sense and is easily consumable.

The data will be gathered from a network of aircraft based on the Alpha design, of which there will be multiple in the air at any given moment. This will be accomplished using advanced sensors to gather high quality, detailed data, unparalleled by any UAV, aerial or satellite platform today. Our vision is to use this data to plan for a brighter, more sustainable future.

We have identified various missions which we’re passionate about, chosen because of their ability to make a significant difference to the sustainability of our planet, yet perfectly aligned with our business model. We’re building Alpha as an environmental survey aircraft.

Our Strategy

FlyH2 Aerospace generates revenue by providing aerial data solutions to companies and organisations in South Africa, and soon abroad.

Aerial Data Solutions
  • infrastructure management
  • land cover analysis
  • mapping
  • environmental survey

Our Technology

Alpha is powered by world-class hydrogen fuel cell technology, developed in South Africa by HySA Catalysis in Cape Town. Our hydrogen systems allow for extended flight endurances, way beyond what battery technology is capable of, yet offer clean, environmentally friendly electric flight. Alpha is supplied with a hydrogen fuelling station which allows for on-site fuel generation from electricity and water. Our fuel cell technology is particularly useful in remote areas such as Antarctica, Marion Island and Alaska where importing fuel is a costly and lengthy process and environmentally sensitive areas require an aircraft that poses little or no threat to the environment. Alpha meets these criteria; Alpha contains no toxicants or liquid chemicals on board and emits only water vapour as an exhaust. Alpha is a quiet aircraft, posing little disturbance to the natural tranquility in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our fuel cell partner, HySA Catalysis have filed 5 patents particularly well suited to aerospace applications. FlyH2 have an exclusivity agreement with HySA Catalysis for use of these patents in the unmanned aircraft sector.