Survey, Mapping and Monitoring

FlyH2 Aerospace offers flexible, customisable survey, mapping and monitoring solutions.

Our Solutions

Our offerings include Aircraft Configuration, Sensor Selection, Mission Planning, Flight Operations and Data Processing and Analysis.

Environmental and Agricultural Survey

UA Alpha has been designed as a long-endurance, long-range slow-flying aircraft, perfect for housing advanced down-facing sensors such as RADAR or LiDAR for mapping vegetation density and terrain, and hyperspectral or multispectral sensors for gathering NDVI data, measuring plant stress, water content, ground pollution or water pollution. When correctly configured, these smart sensors are also capable of identifying plants and plant species and diseases. FlyH2 has partnered with sensor manufacturers and computational data processing experts to be able to custom design a specific solution for your needs. FlyH2 will fly the survey for your organisation, process the data and supply you with the information you need in a format you can understand and a much lower cost than previously available via manned operations.

  • Survey Markets
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Land Cover
  • Forestry
  • Invasive Species
  • Water Distribution and Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Pollution Control
  • Disaster Management
  • Fire

Wildlife Protection

Increasingly our wildlife is being threatened by the impacts of human society. By better understanding the trends of human and non-human offenders, rangers and reserve managers can make smarter decisions in developing solutions to protect our natural fauna and flora. Use FlyH2 Aerospace to acquire these systems or perform the surveys for you on a regular basis.


South Africa Cheetah’s are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List

Reduction of Poaching

Using advanced spectroscopy and smart onboard data analysis software, UA Alpha can be configured to detect and identify certain species of fauna and flora. This data is populated into a GIS where park managers can better understand the location and movement of protected species. When animated over time, it becomes clear in which areas species are the most threatened and why. Alpha also has the capability to detect change. Change can include vehicle movement, upturned soil, disturbed vegetation, changes in fence lines, etc. This information is used to identify potential threats so that responders can be sent out to investigate further.

Environmental Management

Fires, floods, heavy rains and hail, extreme cold, erosion, drought, and disease are all natural threats to our people, infrastructure,fauna and flora. UA Alpha can be programmed to identify erosional change, changing water tables, flooding rivers, fires and fire damage, plant stress and the location of animals. Using smart GIS systems, this change can be animated over time to monitor environmental change and it’s effect.

floodwater damage

Floodwaters damage the natural environment near the Kopfontein border post between South Africa and Botswana

Infrastructure Management

With a 650 km range, Alpha is free from the limits of line-of-sight operations. This makes Alpha well suited for inspecting long line features, such as powerlines, roads, waterways, railways and pipelines.

UA Alpha can monitor the fire-risk associated with vegetation growth in servitudes and firebreaks as well as identify problem points in power-lines, railway lines or roads. .

Our operations will potentially save you millions in damage control, downtime and major repair.


Electricity pylons. Photo: Graeme Williams,


With 22 hours endurance, UA Alpha can monitor an area, looking for threats, making it well suited to the protection of people and assets. It’s electric engines are quiet, making it almost undetectable in the sky at night. Using smart sensors, Alpha can be configured to identify threats, such as intruders breaking a perimeter, unexploded ordinance, unexpected movement and change.


well suited to the protection of people and assets.