Lethal Autonomous Weapons, better explained as killer robots are, in our opinion, one of the greatest threats to humanity. Their development must be stopped immediately. FlyH2 joins thousands of other AI and robotics company’s, calling for a global ban on lethal autonomous weapons. Join us and make a stand.

Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons
Peaceful Mission: NASA used the Ikhana unmanned aircraft system, a research version of the General Atomics MQ-9 Predator B, to test and validate standards that will govern integration of this and similar unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System. Photo courtesy of NASA.

Stephen Hawkins believes the two greatest threats to humanity are Artificial Intelligence; and Climate Change – in that order. There are many wonderful benefits that Artificial Intelligence (AI) have brought to society; cars that can self drive, social media web sites that automatically tag our friends in photos, the ability of computers to listen and speak, the ability of computers to process massive data models and of course helping us solve global problems like predicting hurricanes or the effects of the melting of the polar ice caps.

FlyH2 fully supports these exciting innovations, but like may things, AI has a potential dark side – when machines choose to kill humans at their own command. Today the world is filled with easily accessible AI components, easily assembled to create a killing machine. Drones, facial recognition and tens of thousands of tutorials on how to build home made weapons easily viewable on YouTube. Put them together and you have a self-flying machine that can detect and recognise people and discharge explosives. Recognising this threat, FlyH2 signed an open letter to the United Nations asking for a global ban.

This “mock news” video from autonomousweapons.org, clearly illustrates to what potential autonomous lethal weapons can threaten global public safety and freedom. This video may disturb sensitive viewers.

Take action now. Visit autonomousweapons.org now to see what you can to to ensure human safety and freedom into the future.

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Mark van Wyk

Mark van Wyk is a co-founder of FlyH2 Aerospace. He holds a Private Pilot License (PPL), RPAS Remote Pilot License and for fun, a Hang Glider Pilots License too. Mark’s background includes 20 years experience in systems architecture, analysis and enterprise software development. He is the author of the FlyH2 Skyla Flight Management System. Mark is a passionate environmentalist, hydrogen fuel cell expert and electronics hobbyist.